Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Almost PARENTS!!

Hi Friends,

We have some exciting news to share! First, our home study is done & we have been approved for 3 children! But that's not all! By the end of the week, Michael and I will officially be PARENTS!!!! Eek! I can't believe I am typing those words right now!! We have been waiting for this for so long and are beyond excited to finally know who are babies are! God is so good!

So, here is what happens next. This week we will receive more information about Melvin, Marie and Favor. After we've reviewed it, then we sign an agreement with our placement agency and we will be officially matched! =) I'll also start submitting grant applications to get the ball rolling on some potential funding options and begin working on our dossier which is a crazy amount of paperwork that will be submitted to the Liberian government and other various agencies.

Next week, we have a wonderful family friend that is hosting a LipSense fundraising party for us! If you are interested in making a purchase, you can find a catalog at https://issuu.com/confident.beauty.cassy/docs/us_beautybook and email your order to katesprettypouts@gmail.com with a note that it is for our fundraiser. If you would like to donate instead, you can do so at our Go Fund Me page or at https://adopttogether.org/families/?fundraiser=granicasadopt. 

Thank you all so much for your thoughts, prayers and support! Please keep the prayers coming, especially for our kids!

Carey & Michael

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