Saturday, March 18, 2017

Big News!!!

Hey Friends & Family,

Michael and I have some big news to share with you! On Friday, I received an email from a different adoption agency that works in Liberia and they have 3 precious little ones that they have been unable to place with their forever family. It sounds like they are very motivated to find a home for these kiddos. After a powerful message at church tonight, we have decided to pursue these children and are asking for God to either move some mountains in our way or shut the door if it is not meant to be. So onto the news that everyone wants to know. Melvin is 10 years old and a very handsome young man. Marie is 7 years old and looks like quite the little diva. Favor is 4 years old and she's beyond cute! We would love to welcome these kiddos into our family!!

But, we need God to move some mountains to make this happen! The first is that we can raise the last $700 we need to pay for our home study to be redone. There will probably be some additional funds needed to start the process with our placement agency, but I don't have those totals yet. Second, we need our home study to be approved for 3 children and we would need to figure out the room situation since we only have 2 bedrooms in our home. We do have a nice sized loft, so that may work as a child's bedroom or our bedroom.

Please, please lift us up in prayer. We are asking for God's wisdom as we move forward and that all the financial/logistical details will be worked out.

Thanks everyone!
Michael & Carey

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