Saturday, July 8, 2017


Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to give a quick update that our dossier is finished!! Hallelujah!! The beast is going in the mail to our agency is less than an hour along with our the first half of our program fees! GOD IS AMAZING!!

So here's what is next.

  • Our agency will review the dossier to make sure that we didn't miss anything or that we need to make changes to the documents that we are sending in. 
  • Once they have reviewed it, then it will be submitted to the Liberian government and we begin the waiting game. Our case is placed in line (so to speak) and how quickly we move through the line depends on the government. Normally, things move slow in Africa, but we've heard through a few friend that things have picked up a bit in the last few months.
  • After they review our case & approve us, then we will receive a court date and an invitation to travel to Liberia. 
We are SO excited friends! So much has happened in the last four months that we just cannot wrap our heads around it all! God is so amazing and faithful!! 

So here are our prayer requests...
  1. We are asking for prayer over a dossier! I know that this might sound a little silly, but stick with me here. We have put in a ton of work to collect all of the necessary documents and would hate to start over, so we are asking for safe travels as it heads to our agency and then down to Liberia. 
  2. That our agency can review the dossier quickly and that there will be no major changes or missing documents that we have to collect. 
  3. God's perfect timing will be done in bringing our kiddos home! Our family has a time frame that we would like to see, but we also know that God has a perfect plan for our family and we just need His patience and guidance as we move forward from here. 
Thank you!!

Michael & Carey 

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